Eagle Time Lager
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With roots deep in Vancouver’s history the building at 1019 Seymour Street has seen more than its fair share of late night parties, celebrities, scandal and secrets.

Built in 1940 by the Filippone Brothers, the building was home to their Eagle Time Delivery and Diamond Taxi company where cabs could be seen zipping around town delivering more bottles of liquor than people.

Later it housed the Eagle Time Athletic Club for boys where Vancouver youth had a safe place off the streets to come and learn and play sports, in particular boxing.

The most dramatic change to the Eagle Time building came after the notorious vice-squad liquor raid in 1947 where brothers Joe, Ross, Mickey and Jimmy were finally busted after years of throwing less than legal after-hour parties on the top floor of the Athletic Club.

It was the largest raid in the city’s history and in the morning’s Vancouver Sun newspaper read the headline “JOE’S PENTHOUSE RAIDED!”. It was then that the Penthouse Club was born and the four brothers turned their focus on running a legitimate Night Club.

Now almost 70 years later the Penthouse Night Club still resides in the original Eagle Time building and under the watchful eye of Ross’s son, Danny, continues to be one of Vancouver’s legendary night spots.

Today, Danny has partnered up with a local microbrew to reintroduce Vancouver and all its visitors to the EAGLE TIME brand and its history. With a mild, lightly hopped and bright lager with a hint of sweetness we proudly give you “EAGLE TIME LAGER”. A beer worthy of its name, history and city.