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The Penthouse Night Club was founded in 1947 by brothers Joe, Ross, Mickey and Jimmy Filippone. Eldest brother Joe would often have private parties in his upstairs apartment that consistently drew the attention of the local police. These raids became as common as the parties themselves, so much so that one day a headline in the Vancouver Sun read “Joe’s Penthouse Raided”, and so a Vancouver landmark was born.

Originally the Penthouse was one of Vancouver hottest Supper Clubs attracting celebrities and stars from around the world. Acts like Sammy Davis Jr, Nat King Cole, the Mills Brothers & Harry Belafonte were regulars on the stage entertaining crowds nightly.

Those crowds often included stars like Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Max Baer & Gary Cooper, to name a few. The Penthouse was the place to see and be seen. Many of the stars photographs still to this day grace the walls of the club as a reminder of the rich history that we are a part of. This was officially recognized recently with our induction into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame.

Today the Penthouse continues to be one of the premier night spots in the downtown core and one of Canada’s most famous Entertainment Landmarks.


A bit of our history in news clippings and other items below. Most of it speaks for itself.

Each link shows the source, date and headline (where available). Notes will be available where explanations might be required.

To make some of the articles readable they had to be formatted as large images.

Please note that they will each open in a separate window that you will have to close when you are finished reading.

Vancouver Sun, August 1, 1969
“Gogo Trio”
Vancouver Sun, August 1, 1969
“Gogo Trio”
Vancouver Sun, August 1, 1969
“Gogo Trio”
The Province, September 3, 1976
“Penthouse Girl Made $20,000″
The Province, September 11, 1976
“Penthouse ‘hangout for Mafia’ “
Vancouver Sun, September 11, 1976
“Penthouse trial told local Mafia tried takeover”
The Province, September 22, 1976
” ‘I cherish my life’ – ex-Penthouse girl”
Vancouver Sun , September 24, 1976
“Court told of sex bet on football game”
Vancouver Sun, September 25, 1976
” ‘Busiest hooker’ wore badge”
The Province, September 28, 1976
“Penthouse girl denies deal with police”
Vancouver Sun, September 30, 1976
“Penthouse probe officer led champagne existence”
Unknown, October 1976
“Here Comes The Judge”: Judge William Trainor entering Penthouse for first-hand look
Unknown, October 1976
“After the facts in vice trial Judge William Trainor leaves Penthouse”
Unknown, October 1976
“Penthouse cop liked ‘girl with big smile’ “
The Province, October 5, 1976
“Club girls ‘not big tippers’ “
Vancouver Sun , October 20, 1976
“Penthouse got ‘better class of patron’ “
Vancouver Sun , October 21, 1976
“Patron found Penthouse ‘just like any other club’ “
The Province, December 1, 1976
” ‘Just beautiful girls’ says club manager”
Vancouver Sun, December 2, 1976
“Phillipone says nudity was banned at his club”
The Province, December 3, 1976
“Pimps ‘threatened to bomb club’ “
Vancouver Sun, December 3, 1976
“Penthouse activity just a question of ‘boy meets girl’ “
Vancouver Magazine, May 1978
“Silly Faces”
Unknown, June 1978
“Phillipone wants Sammy Davis for Penthouse reopening gala”
Vancouver Sun, September 14, 1978
“Penthouse looks for touch of class with Gina Bon Bon”
The Province, September 14, 1978
“City bows, Penthouse to reopen”
Vancouver Sun, September 14, 1978
“Penthouse will reopen under conditions of city”
Vancouver Sun, November 22, 1978
“Penthouse Stripped for Action”
Globe & Mail, March 13, 1979
“Life near the top: Joe Phillipone’s Steaklofty Ambitions”
Vancouver Courier, August 12, 1979
“Joe Phillipone’s World”
Unkown, March 21, 1992
“Dollars & Sex”
Unknown Date and source, Probably 1950′s
“City Father, Mr. Philipone greet Manhattan Hillbillie”
Unknown Date and source
“Hy’s Baby”